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Foxy Mystery Bag Fruity Passion

Foxy Mystery Bag Fruity Passion

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Are you looking for a creative surprise? Then the Mystery Bag Fruity Passion could be just the thing for you! I have put together and carefully selected each of these surprise bags with great attention to detail. In each bag you will find 100 hand-picked handicraft items, paper, a small gift, stickers, templates and washi tapes, which are perfectly color-coordinated with the "Fruity Passion" theme. I love living out my creativity and experimenting with different materials. So I've filled these mystery bags with all of my favorite crafts that are sure to inspire you. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this grab bag will inspire you and bring your creativity to life. I look forward to seeing what artworks you create with the included materials!

Order your own Mystery Bag Fruity Passion today and be inspired by my passion for art!

You will also receive a hand-signed autograph card from Foxy!

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