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Foxy sticker booklet A5 incl. discs & sticker set

Foxy sticker booklet A5 incl. discs & sticker set

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The A5 sticker booklet is the perfect basis to start your own sticker journal and for anyone who wants to express their creativity! With silicone paper coated on both sides and a flip cover , which is equipped with 2 different designs, the sticker book offers an excellent opportunity to create and store your own designs. With the included mushroom discs , which are used to staple the booklet together, you can customize your sticker journal and expand it again and again. The right hole punch is available at any craft store. You will also receive 2 hand-painted sticker sheets with which you can get started right away and live out your creativity. Whether you use the sticker book as a personal journal or as a creative project, the possibilities are endless.

Order your A5 sticker book now and let your imagination run wild!

You will also receive a hand-signed autograph card from Foxy!

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