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Outfit Bingo 2 by Foxy Draws

Outfit Bingo 2 by Foxy Draws

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The OutfitBingo 2 as DIN A4 coloring pad is the new edition for all fashion enthusiasts who would like to get creative! The set includes new templates in different perspectives so you can design your favorite clothes and accessories in new ways. Put your creations together in OutfitBingo and share them with your community and friends. With your personal selection (e.g. 2/4/7/11) you show which style you like best! OutfitBingo 2's new design is modern and stylish. Ideal for everyone who likes to live out their creative side and enjoys fashion and accessories.

Order your OutfitBingo 2 now and get creative!

You will also receive a hand-signed autograph card from Foxy!

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